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 School Code of Conduct

What we reward:


  • Punctuality.
  • Working hard.
  • Good behaviour.
  • Good progress in learning.
  • Following school rules.
  • Excellent attendance (95% or more).

What we value:


  • Being serious about learning.
  • Understanding and respecting others.
  • Speaking politely.
  • Listening carefully.

School rules:

We operate with 8 general school rules:

school-conduct_clip_image004Have the correct uniform and equipment.This means that you are smart, business-like and ready to learn.
school-conduct_clip_image006Respect each other and the school.This helps everyone get on with our important business of learning. We want to keep our school smart because it is a great learning resource.
school-conduct_clip_image008Move around the building safely.Everyone has the right to feel safe in school and it helps avoid accidents.
school-conduct_clip_image010Coats off indoors and in bags/lockers.This helps us identify anyone who shouldn’t be in the building and it keeps your coat safe.
school-conduct_clip_image012Phones and MP3s – not seen or heard.Allows us to focus on learning without distraction.
school-conduct_clip_image014On school site at all times.In the event of an emergency we know where everyone is.
school-conduct_clip_image016Food in the canteen only.Helps us keep the school clean and tidy.
school-conduct_clip_image018No chewing gum.It’s hard to remove and we want to keep our school looking good.


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