ysgol uwchradd aberteifi

 School Council

Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi School Council

The aim of the school council is to give pupils the opportunity to express their views about school life where they will be listened to and action taken when appropriate. It will also enable them to actively participate in improving the school community.

The school council has a responsibility to think of ways to help the school community to become safer, healthier, more pleasant and environmentally friendly.


  • An election will be held in September every year.
  • There should be one representative from each class with one deputy.
  • The chairperson and deputy position will be taken by the Head Boy and Head Girl.
  • A school staff member representative will be present at each meeting (non voter).
  • Representative from Governors (non voter).


  • School Council meetings will be held once every six weeks (half term) and last for one hour.
  • The meeting will follow a set agenda. Minutes will be taken at every school council meeting.
  • All decisions taken at the school council meeting shall be a show of hands and the result of the vote recorded.
  • The class representative will be required to attend every School Council meeting. If the representative is unable to attend a meeting they should arrange for the 2nd representative to attend on their behalf.
  • The chairperson is in charge of the school council meeting and has the right to ask a representative to leave if they are behaving badly.
  • No individual staff or students may be discussed without their permission.
  • School council representatives will be given the opportunity to report back from meetings and discuss issues with their classmates at regular class meetings.
  • Feedback will also be provided to the Senior Management team on a regular basis and the Governing body.
  • The School Council will nominate two associated pupil Governors from year 11 -13 to sit on the School Governors.

Rights and responsibilities

  • Representatives, as members of the school council agree to maintain a good standard of behaviour.
  • Members of staff are not allowed to vote at school council meetings.
  • The school council has a responsibility to think of ways to help the school community to become safer, healthier, more pleasant and environmentally friendly.
  • Governors may nominate a representative to attend the school council meeting.
  • The council may invite people to the meeting to explain any aspect of school life when appropriate.

Members of the School Council 2016-2017

7 Hoffnant Ibrahim Mossabir Nia Kelly
7 Bannon Madison Giles Eddie Jeffreys
7 Arberth Szymon Drutel Faith Shangula
7 Crannog Dean Cameron Carafflur Davies
 7 Teifi Kelly Thomas Max Rodda-Lodder


8 Hoffnant Degwel Hunting-Morris Caren Jones
8 Arberth Alyx Pidgeon Charlie Costello
8 Crannog Katie Canning George Allerton
8 Bannon Luc Ring Dylan Castle


9 Hoffnant Morgan Woolley Iwan Griffiths
9 Arberth Aaron Pearce Bethany Harman-Warnes
9 Crannog Kiera Morris Taine Morgan


10 Hoffnant Molly Clarke Hefin Bragg
10 Bannon Sam Osborne 
10 Crannog Rebecca Wainwright 
 10 Arberth Cha Pring Oliver Leeming


11B Kallum Thomas Courtney Stewart
11C Jordan Phillips Lucy Thomas
11D Leon Ali Katie Grota
 11E Cameron Silcox 


12A Benjamin James Gwenllian Wilson
12B Ewan Phillips Emily Rockley


13A Daniel Ramsbottom Dafydd Rotie
  Angharad Davies Beci Rasmussen


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