GCSE YUA 2016-1


Staff and students at the school are celebrating outstanding GCSE results this week, with 100% of students achieving at least 5 GCSEs at grades A* – C, and 81% achieving at least 5 GCSEs including Mathematics, English and/or Welsh at grades A*-C. An impressive 27% of grades were at A* or A.

We are all absolutely delighted with these excellent results which demonstrate our commitment to providing rich learning experiences and ensuring the best possible outcomes for all our students. Our pupils’ achievements are the result of their hard work and excellent attitude towards learning, and the support and commitment of our excellent teaching staff. Thank you to all the support staff and parents who have contributed to the pupils’ success and also the governors and the local community for their valued support.

There were many notable individual successes, including:
Benjamin James 9A*, 3A, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Sara Hazzelby 6A*, 7A, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Angharad James 5A*, 7A, Algebra Level 3, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Ruth Mansfield, 4A*, 7A; 1B, WBQ;
Jack Davies 2A*, 7A, 2B, 1C, Engineering NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Kacper Rawicki 3A*, 3A, 4B, Engineering NVQ Level 2, AS Polish grade A, WBQ;
Bradley Roberts 2A*, 5A, 5B, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Rebecca Fountain 2A*, 5A, 3B, 2C, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Holly Gooch 2A*, 5A, 2B, 2C, WBQ;
Eleanor O’Sullivan 2A*, 4A, 5B, 1C, Spanish NVQ Level 2, WBQ;
Jordan Godfrey 2A*, 4A, 3B, 2C, WBQ;
Amie Weston 2A*, 3A, 2B, 3C, Spanish Level 2, WBQ;
Joe Mansfield 2A*, 2A, 6B, 2C, WBQ;
Menna Phillips 1A*, 4A, 6B, WBQ;
Ffion Workman 1A*, 2A, 5B, 1C, WBQ;
Catherine Webb 6A, 5B, 1C, WBQ;
Kayley Pitkin 2A*, 2A, 3B, 3C, WBQ.