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 Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs N James
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Bowen
Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Palmer
Associate Assistant Headteacher Miss P Davies
Associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs B O’Sullivan


Senior Management Team – Faculty Leaders

Mathematics Miss P Davies
English Mrs E Smith
Welsh Mrs H Jones
Science Mrs S Palmer
Humanities Mrs B O’Sullivan
Design Mr E James
Modern Foreign Languages Mrs S Evans
Create Mr R Evans
Inclusion Mrs N Jakubowski


Progress Leaders

Year 7 Mrs M Harries
Year 8 Miss N Jones
Year 9 Mr G Lewis
Years 10 & 11 Miss K James
Head of 6th Form Mrs J Burns


Faculty Staff



Teachers in Faculty
Mrs S Palmer
Miss N Sharman (Second in Faculty)
Mr D R Jones
Miss B Jones
Mr G Lewis
Miss K James
Dr S. Tompsett
Mrs S Barnett
Dr J Robbins
 Mrs S Lewis
Science Technicians Mr P Seaborne (Senior)
Mr K Hodgett



Teachers in Faculty
Miss P Davies
Mr Owain Price
Miss Llinos Morgan
Mrs Amanda Spiller




Teachers in Faculty

Mrs E Smith

Mrs J Burns

Miss C Caswell

Miss B Simons


Teachers in Faculty
Miss M Williams (French)
Mrs S Evans (French & Spanish)
Miss C Bourg



Teachers in Faculty
Mrs H Jones
Miss N Jones
Mrs S Jones


Design (DT, ICT, Engineering, Vocational Courses)

Teachers in Faculty
Mr E James (DT)
Mr J Whittall (DT, Second in Faculty)
Mrs H Hook (DT)
Miss J Jones (DT)
Mr A Richards (ICT)
Miss C Davies (ICT)
Technician Mrs D Davies


Create (Music, Art, PE)

Teachers in Faculty
Mr R Evans (PE)
Mrs R Jones (Music)
Mrs E Davies (PE)
Miss J Jones (Art)
Mrs P Thomas (Art)
Mr G Manning (Art)


Humanities (Geography, History, Religious Studies, Public Services)

Teachers in Faculty
Mrs B O’Sullivan
Mrs S Hamilton (Second in Faculty)
Mrs M Burton
Miss M Lloyd
Miss E Curry



Teachers Mrs N Jakubowski
Teaching Assistants (Discovery) Mrs G Hughes
Mrs J Toft
Mrs J Rees
Mrs D Leonard-Davies
Teaching Assistants- Hafan & Encil Mrs A Griffiths
Mrs A Ardern
Teaching Assistants – Learning Support Miss J Davies
Miss N Davies
Mrs M Williams
Miss K Wood
Mrs S Newcombe
Mrs S Jones
Mrs G Goldsmith
Mrs J John
Mr C Griffiths
Ms C Jones
Mrs R Ring
Pastoral Care Worker Mrs M Faunch (LAC Coordinator and Child Protection Officer)
Learning Coach Mrs L Kelly


School Administration Staff

School Business Manager Mr R White
Headteacher’s PA Mrs R Tuck
Receptionist Miss H Curran
Attendance Officer Mrs S Hazzelby
Examinations and Data Officer Mrs B Picton-Davies
School Librarian Miss S Rowlands
Site Manager Mr A Neale
Cover Supervisor Mrs C Holmes
Caretaker Mr J Hogsden



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